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CFI Installation School


The five week CFI Residential Carpet class is a comprehensive overview of basic residential carpet installation.  During the program, students will be taught everything from how to approach the door to how to leave the job-site. This includes subfloor prep, installation of tack strip, transitions, cushion, and proper seaming and stretching techniques.  Customer service skills, and business management will also be included in an effort to promote quality installation and service in our industry. Students do not need any previous installation experience to attend the class.


This class not only covers classroom discussion and presentations by industry leading trainers, but students will also undergo hands on training, as well as written tests, reviewing each section of the course.  Students will be performing their hands on portion of the class in our newly designed 8X8 modules, custom built staircases, and our facility’s 3 bedroom mock homes. 


We have also partnered with local retailers, as well as area workrooms to offer job-site training where our students will actually be in the field working in homes while being supervised by our instructors.  This form of training is instrumental in helping students develop customer service skills and better equip them to handle the various obstacles that can occur during an installation. The graduates will leave the class with the skillsets and confidence to go in to the field and have the ability to install an average 3 bedroom home.

Students completing this class will be awarded a CFI R-1 Certification.



CFI Texas Training Facility

10676 West HW 80
Forney, TX 75126

(816) 231-4646





When do classes start?


Dallas, Texas Facility (Forney, TX)



Sept 18 | 5 Week Residential Carpet

Sept 18 | 2 Week Carpet Apprentice



Sept 11-15 | 1 Week Intro



Oct 23-27 | 1 Week Intro



Nov 6-10 | 1 Week Intro


How much does it cost?


5-Week Carpet Course, $4,995.00

Tuition is $4,995 for the five week course (housing is not included). All tools and supplies are supplied by the school as well as lunch each day.


2-Week Carpet Course, $2,495.00


1-Week Hard Surface Courses, $1,245.00



Where do I sign up?


Pre-register for classes by clicking here.



Need more info?


No problem. We are here to help! Contact the CFI at (816) 231-4646 or fill out the contact form.